Q: Will my shirt look like the one in the picture?
     A: No, but it will be close.
Q: How close?
     A: It will have the same basic color scheme and pattern. For example, if you order a nonbinary spiral, the colors will be black, purple, white & yellow, and the pattern will be a spiral. Details beyond that vary with each item.
Q: What is the returns policy?
     A: No returns.
Q: Why are there no returns?
     A: These are handmade tie-dyes. Each one is unique. The colors vary slightly for a number of reasons. Also, patterns are never exactly the same with handmade tie-dyes. We don't want to fall into the trap of making the same shirt several times for the same order because the person is hoping the next one will be slightly more to their liking for whatever reason.
Q: How long will it take to ship an order?
     A: It could take a few days. The goal is to start making each order as quickly as possible and definitely within 24 hours of the order being placed. Then, it will take a bit more than 24 hours to make the order. Then, depending on what time it is when it's ready to ship, it might have to go out the next day.
Q: The packaging is a little unusual. Why is that?
     A: We make an effort to use minimal packaging, and we try to stick to packaging that you can either re-use or just drop in the paper recycling.
Q: Can I get a . . . ?
     A: We will add more flags, patterns, and garment types. If you want something specific that's not already in our store, let us know. Maybe we'll be able to make it happen.
Q: What's the subscribe link about?
     A: If you'd like to support queer artists without receiving a garment in return, you can create a subscription.